Friday, March 2, 2012

Mater Cars Cake, Davy's 3rd Birthday

Can't believe my littley Davy Do is 3 already!
I asked Davy what he wanted for his Birthday Cake and he said he wanted a "Mater" cake.  Mater is the tow truck in the movie "Cars".  He is pretty cute and pretty difficult to mold so I decided to go the "cheat" route and buy some cars to put on his cake.  He also picked out "Confetti" cake mix from the store.  So this is not totally from scratch.  I did make the fondant and butter cream icings both from Peggy Weavers site at What took the longest was these flags.  I cut out all the black squares and glued them on to white background.  The rest was pretty easy except I had to rush this cake.  That is never good and I had to re-roll my fondant several times.  Be sure to let your fondant rest for a minimum of 6 hours, but it's best overnight.
Happy Birthday Buddy!