Monday, May 8, 2017

A Unicorn for Audrina

My little friend, Audrina, got a surprise when I came out with this beauty.  This unicorn cake was fun to make and not hard at all.

I watched several You Tube videos on decorating with multiple colors in a pastry bag to get the affect on unicorn mane. The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and covered with white fondant.  The ears and horn are made out of gum paste and the center of the ears are painted with gold luster dust and gold sprinkles. I hand painted on the eyes.

Lizzy's Puppy Cake

My 3 year old granddaughter turned three this past week.  She loves animals so I made her a puppy cake.
I did a variation of the puppy tutorial I found on You Tube.  It wasn't hard and she loved it.  The cake is a Duncan Hines Strawberry cake and I used strawberry jam in the middle. It was pretty tasty and there was none left when the party was over which is the way I like it!

I covered the cake with a butter cream crumb coat and white fondant.  I spray painted the pink around the bottom of the cake and on the number  3. When we served the cake I put strawberries around the base to coincide with the flavor.

I also made some cupcakes using silicone flower pot baking cups.  I made them to match the cake.

When we started to sing Happy Birthday I guess it was too loud for Lizzy.  She did enjoy the cake.