Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Fun

Our fox has been hanging around lately.  All the other animals have been enjoying the bird feeder, why not Blondie?  She is enjoying one of the stale bagels that I threw out there this morning.  It is blueberry.  I also threw out stale bread, several slices.  The deer and magpies enjoyed those.  It is hard for them to find food after a snow, so I figure that someone might as well enjoy the old stuff, right?

Casey and Sebby are spending quality time together.  They were going to sled down the very slight hill in our backyard, but it proved not to be such a good idea.  Then they tried building a snow man, but the snow is so dry that it just fell apart.  So they flopped down and made snow angels.  That was a success, but it was a chilling experience as they came in the house soon after that.  However, Sebby showed is appreciation to mommy by giving her a big fat kiss of appreciation.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wolf Moon Light

The is a night shot taken at 4:30 am with the Wolf Moon as lighting.  It was almost like day.  What I don't like about this shot is the pinkness.  It really didn't look pink, but it was pretty much this bright.  If you know how to get the pink out, let me know.  I am just an amateur photographer and this is my first real night shot. I will say this for the pink shots. It looks kinda ethereal.The shot of the Wolf Moon came out pretty good.     The moon shot is clear and you can really see the surface pretty well.


Isn't it amazing what hats can do for a person? Hats seem to make a statement.  Years ago everyone wore hats.  Not as much now as we used to, but they are still part of someones ensemble. When I turned 50 I was given a red hat.  When I get older I get a purple one.  Not sure what that is all about except to say be happy and enjoy life.  Hats are fun!  I love my granddaughter, Abby's, favorite hat.  Very creative don't you think? I think Grandmas and grandchildren understand hats better than anyone else.  We just don't care what others think, we're gonna do what makes us feel happy and just enjoy each other doin' it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Another Thief!!!

We have been burgled twice.  Well, once in the house and once at the pool where Don had all that was left of his ID taken.

So lately couldn't figure out why the birdseed was missing so quick.  I know we have lots of birds, but give me a break....are they that piggy.  Then we discovered the thief.

I guess it is okay since we have had much snow lately and it is hard to find food for all the critters in our back yard.  At least we solved the mystery. Thief!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Owies and Naughties

Accidents happen.  Davy was in Casey's arms when she opened the toaster oven to get her bread out.  He lifted is leg and touch the door with his calf.  Being baby skin, it seared quick.  But due to quick thinking she got his leg under cool water.  Minimal damage was done. We slathered it up with aloe vera, bandaged it and he is doing great.This didn't make any difference to Casey.  She felt terrible.  She cried and cried that she had injured her baby boy. Nothing we said made any difference.  She just had to work through it. "Owie"!

Today I went to an employee meeting and Don watched the boys for about an hour and a half.  When I got home I opened the door and was met with a terrible gas smell.  I walked into the kitchen and there was Don on his hands and knees cleaning up water that Sebby had poured over Davy and then threw the glass and it broke.  While Don was cleaning it up Sebby was dumping fish crackers all over Davy and they were "swimming" in the water.  I looked at the stove.  Sebby had turned on the gas.

I turned the stove off, grabbed Sebby, marched him to the back bedroom and after some firm discipline I put him down for his nap.  I went back and got Davy, changed him out of his wet clothes, discovered a cut on his finger, bandaged it, fed him, and put him down for his nap.  Don went back to the office exasperated.

You can't stop everything, or protect them from it all.  I am glad they go home at night, but by morning I am ready to have them again.  After all, I love being with them and will enjoy every moment with them as long as I can.  Beside, if they were perfect, what would I have to write about?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus' Houses

Casey and I were in the home office with the boys.  Sebby was cutting and pasting.  He was all serious in his work mode.  Casey and I were talking about Sabbath School and church.  Casey told me that Sebby talked to her about Jesus' house this morning.  "Are we going to Jesus' house today?"  Then he said, "Jesus has lots of houses!"

I asked him if he had been to lots of houses that belonged to Jesus.  He nodded. We chuckled and then asked him what he thought of Jesus' houses. "Jesus' houses are really cool!"

I just love innocence.  I bet Jesus smiled and may have even chuckled.  Not so much at what Sebby said, but at Casey and I.  We thought it was so cute for Sebby to say that, but Jesus probably thought, "This kid really understands! My houses ARE cool!"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Manicured Toilet

We had a huge group of college students over for "Home Cookin'" tonight.  Another church couple that partners with us and the pastor's family were here.  About 32 people.  My grandson and the pastor's kid decided to lock themselves in the bathroom and see what mischief they could get into.  They got in the drawers and pulled out the manicure stuff.  Nail polish came out and they decided to paint the toilet.  Then they decided to see how well our new toilets work.  You know that commercial where the guy sees the lady plumber come out of another apartment so he goes to try and plug his toilet so he can call her to come fix it?  He puts down all kinds of stuff but the toilet handles it perfectly and woosh, it all goes down.  It's a lie!  We have the toilet that they advertise.  These boys put nail polish down, fingernail files, toothbrushes, and floss.  We have to call the plumber.  Unfortunately for Don the plumber is a man. 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bird Seed Kitchen

It started snowing today.  Sebby notices when the bird feeders are empty.  Grandpa came home a little early today from the office and he and Sebby went out on the deck to fill the suet and feeders.  When it snows, like what we are getting today (that would be lots of snow) the poor little birds can't find seed.  They were really grateful for it, so much so that they waited on the next tree to get some as soon as the feeders were ready.  One was a little nuthatch.  They are really shy too so it was surprising that it stayed so close.  Must have been really hungry.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Toy Mountain

I don't understand what it is with Sebby.  He has to take all his toys and pour them over Davy until Davy is sitting in a mountain.  Davy looks at me and just blinks his eyes.  Blink, blink. I think he is over stimulated with all the toys or just plan confused at what Sebby is doing.  Sebby just sits there and laughs - until I make him pick them all up.  Let let the fussing begin......sigh.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Culture Found in Alamosa

While driving back for a day of exploring Saturday we found this guy carving a train out of ice in downtown Alamosa.  He was explaining and giving a demonstration on how he does it. They set up a light after this and it looked pretty pun intended.  Apparently he had been there most of the day because there were several sculpures lining the street on both sides. 

This sculpture was right in front of the old Rialto theater that has since been converted to a Bistro, and Italian restaurante.  We decided to go in and have a bite to eat.  It was really good.  They have an awesome spinach lasagna and Tuxedo cheese cake.  Though I have been on weight watchers I thought it was a good time to celebrate the end to an awesome day of exploring the valley with friends.

The sculptures were of a train theme.  "Alamosa was established in May 1878 by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and quickly became an important rail center. The railroad had an extensive construction, repair and shipping facility in Alamosa for many years and headquartered its remaining narrow gauge service here with trackage reaching many points throughout southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico. Alamosa is now a notable tourist town with many nearby attractions including the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. The town hosts a SummerFest on the Rio which occurs the first weekend in June and the Early Iron car show over the Labor day weekend. The city takes its name from the Alamosa River. "Alamosa" is a Spanish adjective meaning "of cottonwood."(Wikapedia)

This is a demonstration piece the carver did to show how you can make angles in ice.  He whipped it out pretty fast and it looks neat with the light behind it.  He said he does sculptures for weddings and parties as well as street shows.

Visiting One of the Three Little Pigs

I've lived in this Valley for 21 years.  Don and I have explored all around. Yesterday we picked up a couple of church ladies and alone with my Sister-in-law, Denice, Don and I went exploring again. 

It was a beautiful day as many days are in Alamosa.  That is why they call it the "Land of Cool Sunshine."  Heading east just southeast of Fort Garland near Forbes Trinchera we tried to visit another friend but she wasn't home so we took a back road from her place to see Mountain Home Reservoir. Along the road we spotted this house made of hay bales.  As soon as I saw it I yelled, "Stop!  There's one of the Little Pigs homes."  I need to take a picture. 

The structure had a roof on it and even a couple windows and a door.  Yet it was buldging out the back.  I don't remember seeing a straw house before.  Denice said she has and that they are pretty well insulated.  The windows face south for passive heat.  I didn't see a chimney.  Not sure anyone would want to start a fire in there....poof!  Though it didn't seem like Mr. Piggy was around I didn't see any wolves around either. Hmmm!  Interesting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visitor At The Feeder

We have a new visitor at the bird feeder.  This character wasn't bothered at all by us watching him.  He was too hungry I guess.  He worked and worked on getting this last bit of suet out of the holder.  I am surprised he didn't break a tooth!

Going For a Walk and the Pea

I couldn't believe that it warmed up to 39 degrees the other day.  No wind, sun shining.  So I packed up the grandbabies and we went for a walk around the block.  Now I had to decide since we are in the middle of potty training if I should let Sebby wear his "big boy underwear" or switch to a pull up in case we didn't make it back in time.  I asked him and he said he wanted to be a big boy.  So we went potty right before we left the house. I decided to walk around the small block so we would have plenty of time to make it back before he had to go again.

We had a wonderful walk.  Sebby was pointing out all the stuff to look at.  When we got to the opposite side of the pond we could see our house and he was excited and  pointed it out.  We climbed on rocks, straddled landscape timbers and heard the train whistle.  It was fun. 

We turned the last corner onto our street and Sebby squatted down and looked at a flower, or so he wanted me to think.  Within a few seconds there was a puddle around his shoes.  Oh well, he had to be cold for a short time, but we did have a nice walk.

He is getting better about the potty training though.  Today he decided that he should be awarded gum for "booty duty" so he said, " I have to go Grammy."  He sat there and grunted and groaned.  Nothing.  Off, wash hands, sit down for two minutes in the living room and then, "I have to go Grammy!"  So back in and through the routine again.  Nothing!  Five times we did this in the span of about 10 minutes.  He finally was able to produce a pea size "duty" and hopped off in excitement.  "I did it! I did it! Gum please!"  All that moaning and groaning, up and down, washing of hands just for a stick of gum.  Funny what motivates kids, eh?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vanishing Cream Cheese

Denice went to the store the other night to get some things she likes for breakfast.  She bought bagels and a large tub of cream cheese among other things.  She brought it home and as she pulled it out of the bag she said, "I had to get a larger size than I wanted cuz that is all they had."  Then she put her groceries away.

Yesterday she got up and went to get her breakfast and discovered that the cream cheese was missing.  She just grabbed something for breakfast that didn't require cream cheese and went off to work.  This morning she looked again for the cheese and couldn't find it.  She came home after work and asked me about it.  I told her I remembered her taking it out of the bag, making a comment about it and then putting it in the 'fridge. We searched both refrigerators, cabinets, counters, and even considered going through the trash.  She thought she must have thrown it away accidently. Sniff!

In walks Casey.  She heard us talking about the cream cheese.  "Oh, are you looking for the cream cheese?  I took it the other morning when I dropped the boys off because I was starving.  So I helped myself to one of Denice's bagels and took her cream cheese.  It is in the fridge at the school.  I was gonna bring it back but I took another bagel this morning and needed the cheese again."  Denice just stood there dumbfounded.

Here we had spent a better part of our lives that day looking for cream cheese that we knew she had put in the fridge.  We thought we had gone looney! After a minute of shock, we busted out laughing.  So that is what happened to the vaninshing cream cheese.  At least we weren't crazy!

I went to the store tonight and bought her a new tub. I think I will bill Casey!

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Great" Grandparents

I am very blessed to have my parents around.  They have been great parents throughout my life tho some times in my early years I didn't think so.  They are doing great in their 3000 square foot home that they have lived in for the past 45 years.  In many ways it still looks like new because they take really good care of it.  In other ways it is just wearing out.

Dad still does most of his own yard work.  For 87 years old....that is saying a lot.  Once in awhile he hires someone to come help him trim the major stuff.  But he trims the ivy, and there is a lot of it, mows his yard, weeds, prunes, and waters the fruit trees. He gets up early, gets the paper, brews the coffee, and spends time in his personal library.  Then he goes outside to work.  Sometimes he rides his bike around the neighborhood, but that is less and less these days.

On morning he went outside to work.  Mom was putting around the house working when she heard a faint call.  She looked around and couldn't see anything.  So she went outside. She heard Dad say, "Help me outa here!"  There he was in the back yard stuck in the green waste can.  He had climbed in hoping to get "more" for his dollar and really pack that waste in there. Unlucky for him he couldn't get out.  It was funny and Mom had all she could do to keep from busting a gut, as they say.  Yeah, busting a gut getting him out of there and laughing.

I have stories about Mom too but will save those for another post.  The folks came for Christmas.  That was a chore to get them to decide to come let alone get them here.  But they came.  Dad doesn't much like traveling anymore.  It's just too much for him.  But he braved the odds and boarded a non-stop flight to Denver.  They were here for over two weeks.  They had fun and so did we. Dad especially enjoyed the deer, birds, and fox in our back yard.

What is really great is that they got to spend time with their great grandsons. That is a precious memory that I have and will always cherish.  Mom, being 83, does use the computer and got herself set up on a webcam.  We get to visit often and she still gets to see the boys.  They know who G-G and G-Pa are.  I think it is wonderful.  I also thank God for keeping them healthy so they can get to know their great grandchildren! What a blessing! They really are "Great" Grandparents.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

For The Birds

My sister-in-law, Denice, moved to Alamosa to help us out at Mountain Air Oxygen Service, Inc., our family owned business.  She is currently staying in the guest house until Greg, her husband, gets here from Placerville, CA with all their stuff.  She loves bird watching and so do we.  She suggested to Don that he put bird feeders out near the back deck to so she could sit by the bay window at lunch time or in the evening to watch them.

Off to town she went with Don and an hour later they were back with bags of seed and bricks of suet along with several feeders and suet holders.  Don went out to the shed and found a couple of hooks.  He attached them to the cottonwood trees just off the deck and outside the bay window.  He came in and sat at the table in the bay window with Denice and they waited.  Nothing!  Day two, nothing.  Day three, nothing. On day four their first birds spotted the feeder and made themselves at home.

Apparently the word spread quickly among the bird community because today as I watched the birds, there were so many they couldn't all fit on the feeders.  There are chickadees, nut hatches, sparrows, house finches, red shafted flickers, a harry wood pecker, doves, and gold finches.

Then came a predator.  A cat.  He crouched down at the bottom of the tree right below the feeders and sat perfectly still.  A flicker was enjoying all the feeders to himself as the other birds had seen the cat and fled.  Suddenly the cat made a great leap up onto the feeder.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you are cheering for, the cat was to slow and the bird got away.

We really didn't mean to set up the birds to be cat food.  The bird feeders are for the birds. I hope that the cat doesn't succeed in his hunting excursions.

A couple of deer found the feeders and one was up with both hooves on the tree with his tongue stuck in the seed feeder trying to get the seeds out.  It was pretty funny.  He must of thought, "If  I could just get my tongue in that little hole some seeds will get stuck to it!" Hardly worth it I say. I didn't have my camera so I couldn't get it on digital.

Those feeders have become a real source of entertainment.  We have had feeders before and enjoyed them.  I think we took them down because the squirrels finally broke them and my son shot them up with is air gun. Besides the birds were pooping all over the deck.  However, it is fun to see them again and this winter has been so cold and bleak that I am sure they appreciate all the food they can get.

We will see what happens next with the birds and I am going to try and capture them, on digital of course.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was giving the grandsons a bath this morning, getting them dressed, combing their hair.  As I looked at Sebby, I saw my Joshua.  How fast he grew up.  I think of him as my youngest...but he is an adult man.  He moved to Loma Linda last Sunday.  He set up his apartment, saw his MBA advisor for classes, and is looking for a job.  I realize he is out on his own now. My little boy is gone.

How did this go by so fast?  When I had him, I was young.  I played sports with him like golf, baseball, and tennis, and even skiing (though I ski like a gorilla and my kids tease me about it), played games, taught him music in school, took him to little league and cheered like a crazy woman, hugged him, spanked him, laughed and cried with him. I loved being a mom, but at times I didn't.  It was frustrating learning how to parent a boy.  They are different than girls.  There were places I couldn't go with him because moms just don't go there, only dads can.

We were done having kids after our two girls.  When I found out I was pregnant again I had two ultrasounds that said he was going to be another girl.  I painted the baby room blue.  I don't know why, except that I had so much pink already and was kind of tired of it.

When my baby came out a boy I was so excited.  God had given me a special gift.  A boy! And this boy would grow up to be someone special for His purpose.  I have always felt that way and always will.  I know God brought him to us for a wonderful reason, even if that reason is to be my son!

When Josh went away to school for the first few days I felt liberated.  The house stayed clean. There was still food in the fridge.  But soon a blueness set in.  I couldn't figure it out because I am not usually a blue person.  Then the light came on that I was feeling the "empty nest."  What was my purpose now? I had been a mom for so long is was very much a part of me.

Looking at Sebby and Davy, I see my son growing up all over again.  Learning new things, saying new words, experiencing new emotions, learning to love and respect.  They are so cute.   They fill a spot that was opened up when Josh drove away to start his own life. I have found my purpose again. However, no one can fill the loneliness that I feel for Josh.

I miss my son.  He was home for Christmas and we had a great time.  When he drove away, my heart went with him and tugged on my water reservoir of tears.  I wish he wasn't so far away.

I want him to stay very close to God.  We talk about this and other stuff. I hope he always feels like he can talk to me and that  he knows I am praying for him every day. I hope that he is successful in his endeavors.  I hope that when he is ready he can find a beautiful, loving, Godly wife that he can share it all with.

For you Josh, I love you very much. Carpe Diem!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Copy Cat!

Don came home from work and sat up at the bar, took out his pen and Sudoku book, and began figuring out a puzzle.  Sebby went and got the Sudoku book I gave him to play with along with a pen and sat up at the bar next to Grandpa to work out his puzzle.

After a few minutes Don got down to get a glass of water.  He got a glass out of the cupboard, put it up to the ice machine for some ice and then filled it with water.  Sebby got down from his puzzle working, got a glass, put ice in the cup, and filled it with water.

Then Sebby asked Grandpa if he would play Match Game.  So they set it up on the floor and Grandpa got the ottoman to lay on so he could rest while playing the game.  Sebby said, "Just a minute Grandpa."  He went over to the other ottoman and dragged it to the game area.  He layed on it like Grandpa and they were ready to start the game.

Don looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said under his breath..."This is a lot of pressure! I really have to watch it!"  No kidding!  Funny how kids copy cat us. In Sebby's eyes his Grandpa is the greatest thing.  But he also copies Josh, and sometimes other friends that come over who play with him.  One kid came over and played his guitar.  Sebby got up on the same chair.  He asked for his Yukulele and played with the kid.  It was cute.

I hope that we will always be something that our Grandkids want to copy.  It does make one stop and think before doing something stupid or embarassing.  I don't want my Grandkids to ever copy that stuff! You never know when they will be watching you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flowers for Denice

I was in my office when I heard the doorbell ring.  I went to answer it and as I opened the door my little grandson, Sebby, walked in and handed me flowers.  Yellow Gerber daisies.  "These are for Denice!" he exclaimed with a huge smile on his face. My sister-in-law has just moved to the valley.  She had been staying at my daughter's house for a few days and then moved into our apartment yesterday.  Sebby was in tears when she packed her things and moved over here.  He didn't want her to leave.  He had apparently bonded in some way to her while she was there and really enjoyed having her around.  (She is a Gamma too and knows how to play with toddlers.)

I handed back the flowers and directed him to the apartment. "Well, she is in her apartment.  Go give them to her."  He grabbed them back and swinging them around in the air proudly went to Denice's apartment to give her the flowers.  While he did this Casey explained to me that this was all his idea.  She said that they needed to go to the store and he got excited and asked, "to get flowers for Denice?" Casey asked him if he wanted to get her flowers and he said yes.  He got his own money, picked out the flowers himself, paid for them, and with the help of Mommy, delivered them. Needless to say Denice was very touched. So much so she got a little emotional.

How wonderful it is that children learn to be kind and giving.  I think Sebby learned this from Don, his grandpa.  Don took Sebby several times to get flowers for me and his Mommy.  Sebby learned that women like getting flowers and that it is a sign of affection and love.  I am so grateful for Don teaching Sebby how to truly be a man and show his love to those he feels are special in his life.  This is just one of those things that will always be a treasured moment.