Friday, May 24, 2013

Sebby's Sunshine Graduation Cake

My grandson, Sebby, graduated from Kindergarten last Tuesday evening.  I can't believe he is that old already.  Smart kid too!  I made the cake for the reception after the school program.  The name of their school is Sunshine Christian School so, of course, I had to make a sun!  This was a fun chance to do something different.  I used my smallest Pyrex mixing bowl to make to two half sphere cakes.  I use butter cream icing to glue the two halves together.  Then I covered with yellow fondant.

The sun glasses and graduation cap are made out of equal parts of gum paste and fondant. There are six stars representing each graduate.  I used the butter cream for the clouds and the rest of the cake. This was a full sheet cake with triple chocolate cake on the bottom layer, then butter cream frosting, and finally a yellow cake on top.

I use boxed cake mixes for most of my cakes.  I dress them up sometimes but they are fast and easy to adjust to altitude.  I do have some homemade recipes that I have shared in previous blogs.
He's such a cutie in that cap and gown!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby's First Cake

My Pastors wife asked me to make a cake for a single mother whose baby is turning 1.  I had left over ingredients from the Kindergarten graduation cake so I said sure, why not! This is a two layer confetti flavor cake because Davy told me that was the best!  I made the Marshmallow Fondant and Butter cream icing and stacked the cakes.  It is a very small cake and for a little girl.
This is the first cake that I attempted to do quilting on.  It isn't perfect but it turned out pretty good. I just did the bottom layer.
I also wanted to bake a teddy bear which I haven't done yet either.  She turned out cute. 
Hope the baby likes it!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Skittles Cake

A friend of mine ordered this cake for her daughter's graduation from college.  It is a fun cake.  She found this one on line from another cake blogger whose cake making is growing into a business. 

This is the lemon pudding cake with raspberry filling.  If you want the recipe just leave a comment and I will post it or email it to you.