Saturday, December 7, 2013

Indiana Jones Cake

This Indiana Jones cake was a pretty big cake and took quite a bit of time to get done.  Since I don't have a fondant sheeter for spitting out nice rolled pieces of fondant and I rolled all this by hand. My wrists and forearms are killing me. I told my husband that if I'm going to keep doing these kinds of cakes I would have to break down and purchase the right equipment to make it much easier.  His comment, "Here comes the conditions!"  Ha, ha funny guy! I know that he enjoys watching the creations and he even helps with cutting sticks and making structure supports.

It's Sebby's 7th birthday and I asked him what he wanted me to make.  He has this Pitfall game on the computer  that is much like Indian Jones so we did this style of cake.  "Grammy, I want a HUGE cake!"  And this is pretty huge.  
Okay, I know some of you are saying, "Wait a minute! How can a river flow down both sides of the rock?"  Well let's pretend there is a spring up there or it's the Great Divide or something.  I needed to do something with water on both sides  and limited space. My husband told me that you can do whatever you want with cake!  In any case, with the spiders, snake, crock and scorpion it turned out pretty cool.
The cake is chocolate, of course.  Raspberry filling is in the top two cakes. I used my usual butter cream frosting and fondant that I make from scratch. Click on this site for  recipes.

Callie, my oldest daughter is turning 34 and decided she wanted in on the Indiana Jones theme. I mean - Harrison Ford?! Come on! (Sebby's and Callies's birthdays are three days apart.) So the smaller cake is an Lemon Cream Cake with lemon cream filling (her request).  The heroine is on the top of the cake ready to pound a spider to death with a frying pan or machete whichever gets the job done. 

I used the coated marshmallows for the "ruins" and root beer barrel candies for the ammo stash.  The tree trunks are long pretzel sticks.

This is the first cake that I didn't have a clear plan of what I wanted to do until I started putting the cake together.  I had the cakes baked and in the freezer.  I just didn't know how it would turn out.  I did go to the Internet to get ideas and then I just put it together.  It turned out pretty well for not know what I wanted to do though I wouldn't recommend doing cakes like that very often. I'm glad it didn't turn into a mess.