Sunday, August 21, 2011

Riding the Concert Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

Today we were able to experience an awesome day with family riding the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad's Concert train to the top of Fir Colorado.  There in the middle of the mountains is a place made for concerts, great Bar-b-Que, and beautiful scenery.  The train leaves from the town of La Vita, or from Alamosa.  Alamosa has a wonderful steam engine that pulls four coach cars up the mountain tracks through spectacular wilderness.  One can see wildlife, numerous birds, trees, meadows, and streams flowing lazily through the countryside.

You can bring a picnic lunch, buy snacks and drinks (including adult beverages) on the train.  At the top there is a wonderful Bar-b-Que catered by the Whistle Stop Cafe in La Vita.  It is gourmet and worth the $12 per place which includes awesome flavored pinto beans, tangy potato salad, and a fresh green salad with asparagus and avocados.  The meat is pork and brisket with a sweet smokey sauce that is to die for. There is also a cash bar next to the concert stage with fine beer and wines along with CDs and souvenirs.

Kids have a great time too.  There are horseshoe pits and a box with balls, bats, and Frisbees.  There is seating on logs or you can bring your own folding chairs.  Clean bathrooms are available as well.

The music was great.  Several artists played and the featured band was South by Southwest, a country band with a mellow sound you could listen to all day.

Sebby looking out the window.
As it is monsoon season we were afraid it might rain, but the storms blew around us and we had a nice breeze and sun most of the time.  The bugs were minimal, though sunscreen and bug repellent are good to have on hand just in case.

Fir also boasts that it runs things up their with wind and solar power.  Pretty cool for how high it is.

Casey, Sue, and Davy
All in all it was a very relaxing day.  We happened to get our tickets for free!  It was Valley Resident appreciation and RGSR came to the Big Rigs Plus event we had for Sunshine Christian School.  Ryan, one of the employees of RGSR events in Alamosa brought tickets for us.  Awesome chance to get to do something fun for the family after putting so much effort into the Big Rigs Event.
Sue and Don

Greg and Denice

Concert by South by Southwest Country Band.
Bar-b-Que Shack on right. Concert site down hill on left.
Picnicing at the Concert Site in Fir.
South by Southwest Country Band

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