Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spa Day

When I decided to come visit my folks I called my daughter Callie and asked her if she would like to come along.  She jumped at the chance to get away from the daily grind and spend some time with me and the Grandparents.  I asked her if she wanted to have a BAGS Day (A tradition started by my Sister-in-law's family) by going to the Spa. OF COURSE!  So I called and made appointments for me, Mom, and Callie.
I was so excited for Spa Day with Callie and my Mom that I forgot my camera.  So Callie took pictures on her I Phone.  At least you will get the idea.  The actual Spa pictures are from their site. We went to Sandlewood Spa in Nipomo CA.  You can find out more about what this spa has to offer by clicking on this link

We arrived at the spa and were escorted to the relaxation lounge.  On the way we were given a brief tour of where everything was.  We had lockers with robes and sandals and a dark chocolate butterfly sitting on top of the neatly folded clothing that sits in the  bottom of the locker.  There are plush towels everywhere for use at the different areas like the sauna, hot tub, and showers.  Mixed nuts, dried fruit, and snacks were available next to a water urn with lemon water.  Hot tea is served to you on request.  They bring it right to you in a cute tea pot with a honey straw.  The tea was really good.

We had the Manicure Pedicure package. Mom went first and while she was getting all relaxed in the Pedicure chair Callie and I donned our suits and went to the hot tub which was located outside in a nice private garden area.  The water was warm and relaxing.

Once in the Pedicure Chair Nikki, the nail technician, soaked my feet in warm soapy water.  She rubbed each foot and leg with a pumice cream to exfoliate the skin and remove dead dryness.  Then after rinsing she wrapped each foot and a plastic bag and covered them with warm booties that she took from a warmer.  Then she massaged each foot and calf before trimming the nails, shaping, removing unwanted cuticles. She put on the polish of our choice in several different layers of conditioning, color, sealer, and quick dry.  My skin felt soft and my toes were painted better than I could have ever done.  Plus this lasts a whole lot longer!  I got the same treatment for my hands and forearms.

Nikki said, "I'm slow but then you are at a spa so relax and enjoy!"  It took about an hour and a half.  They served me tea while I was getting my Pedicure.

Next time I come, and I will be coming again, I think I'll try the massage or the facial, or maybe do a package thing.  What I do know for sure is that every woman should do this sometime in her life even if it is once a year (better yet, once a month).  We work hard and take the stresses of our family.  We try to keep things going and on an even keel.  For me to do that I need to take time once in awhile to just totally relax and let someone take care of me.  We are already planning another BAGS Day for next year and hope Casey will be able to come too.


  1. THANK YOU for taking our wonderful mother out for an awesome spa-day. I looks like you guys had a total blast. You're a great daughter and a cool sister. Hugs Sis.

  2. In case anyone is wondering...I have four delightful "children"! They always plan and do great things for us. And that, even as they live hundreds of miles away...we are so blessed. Hugs to Sue(from Colorado) and grand daughter Callie Who came from Montana) and to Jim (from Yucaipa, CA)for the great day and all the love. Mom
    It was a great birthday)!