Saturday, April 5, 2014

Callie's Baby Shower Cake

I made this baby shower cake for my daughter who is having a baby girl in May.  I was going to make a two tiered cake but changed my mind when I decided that this would be a three layer cake with chocolate ganache filling.  I also made cupcakes for the kids and the Raspberry Lemon Tart.  The shower went smoothly and Callie got some really sweet things for my new granddaughter.
I found a pattern on Google for the baby shoes and made them out of gum paste.  I did them a couple days before putting the cake together so they would dry well. They turned out really cute.
For the Teddy Bear I used half gum paste and half Marshmallow Fondant. I didn't have a pattern but just did it from memory.  I have looked at so many Teddy Bears on line that it wasn't that hard.  I started with the body and then the legs and worked my way up.  I did use a tooth pick inserted in the body and up enough to attach the head do that it would be a bit more stable.  Purists wouldn't do that because you can't eat the bear with wood sticks in it. However it is dried so hard that people won't eat it anyway.  I also let people know what is edible and what isn't before cutting the cake.
I used Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake for High Altitude. To get the cake to be moist and a little dense I take it out of the oven and instead of waiting 10 minutes to remove it from the pan I remove it immediately onto the right size cake board and cover it with really good (restaurant quality) plastic wrap. Not to tight as it will shrink from the heat and pull your edges in.  I wrap it loosely two or three times and then put it in the freezer. Oh, before removing it from the pan take a tea towel and lightly press down on the cake until the dome is flat and even with the outer edges.  This will help it stay more dense and not too fluffy for fondant cakes.  Fluffy cakes don't hold up that well with heavy fondant. This also saves you from having to trim off the top to make it flat and even. Then remove as directed above. 
Yellow Cake with Raspberry filling and butter cream frosting
tiny confetti dots and Teddy Bears.
Callie with sister, Casey, and friends Patricia Perry and Darlene Maes.

Simple decorations was just how Callie wanted it.  The pink lanterns
are hanging over the baby crib now.  So cute!

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  1. Ah! This is such a cute post! I got amazing ideas for my sister’s baby shower! I have shortlisted some amazing event locations for the day and it is also a gender reveal party. It is definitely going to be grand. I simply loved the cake and cupcakes.