Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gold Rush Cake

I made this Gold Rush cake for Sebby's 9th birthday.  We watch this program together and he loves it. We bought the rock truck, loader, and diggers from the dollar store.  I made the workmen, rocks, and trees out of gum paste and fondant mixed together 1 to 1. I used butter cream frosting.  There was a huge sale on boxed caked mix so to save time I just used that.  Preferably I like to make cake from scratch. This was a fun cake to make and I took direction from Sebby how to put it together

I found the cool "grass" sprinkles at Walmart. The bear doesn't look too scary!

For the dirt I put chocolate Graham crackers in the food processor until it looked like fine dirt.

Since Gold Rush is filmed in Alaska I had to do a bald eagle!

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