Thursday, March 17, 2016

Star Wars Birthday Party

Three of my grandchildren have their birthdays in the first week of March.  This is the year for all the new Star Wars stuff coming out.  I tried to avoid making one of these cakes but in the end I relented.  I chose to do an Ewok tree.  As usual the grand-kids loved it!  
I found boxed chocolate cake and white cake for sale at a great price and couldn't turn that down so I made chocolate sheet cakes for the bottom layer and covered them with chocolate butter cream frosting.  That is also between the layers.

The top is made out of white cake with butter cream filling.  I used a wedding cake column and covered it with fondant to make the tree.  Don helped me put a flat surface on the top and screw both top and bottom into place.  It was really stable.  We had to take it in the car to the party location and it traveled well.

I used a small mixing bowl to form the hut roof with fondant, scored it with a blade, and painted it with petal dust.  I carved the top of the cake round so the roof fit nice and wouldn't slip off.

Wilton has some pretty cool grass sprinkles in two different colors.  I used that to make the cake look like a forrest floor.

Princess Leia and Yoda are made from fondant.  I made Luke Sky Walker holding a light saber but he fell of the cake and got ruined.  Need to watch my structure when placing figures on a cake!

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