Monday, May 8, 2017

Lizzy's Puppy Cake

My 3 year old granddaughter turned three this past week.  She loves animals so I made her a puppy cake.
I did a variation of the puppy tutorial I found on You Tube.  It wasn't hard and she loved it.  The cake is a Duncan Hines Strawberry cake and I used strawberry jam in the middle. It was pretty tasty and there was none left when the party was over which is the way I like it!

I covered the cake with a butter cream crumb coat and white fondant.  I spray painted the pink around the bottom of the cake and on the number  3. When we served the cake I put strawberries around the base to coincide with the flavor.

I also made some cupcakes using silicone flower pot baking cups.  I made them to match the cake.

When we started to sing Happy Birthday I guess it was too loud for Lizzy.  She did enjoy the cake.

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