Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

This was my first try at a Baby Shower Cake.  My biller at the office is having a boy and we are having a party for her this week.  So no time like now to practice my fondant skills.  Actually I have made home made fondant before and I prefer it to store bought.  It is cheaper and better quality.  These are the first fondant flowers I have made.  I bought some cutters at a Michaels's in Denver.  They have a great selection of cake making stuff.  I reused some plastic trays that I bought at Walmart.  Flowers already made came in them and I saved the trays to make my own.  They worked perfectly for shaping the flowers and the leaves.  I used the hight altitude chocolate recipe for the cake.  You can google Hershey's High Altitude cake recipes and that is where I found one that works beautifully at 7600 feet.  I think it turned out pretty good for the first try, don't you think?
Of course Sebby had to make his own cake and decorate it too.  Turned out pretty good.

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