Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gum Paste Roses

This is my first try at making gum paste flowers.  I was able to buy gum paste at Walmart.  I used a small fondant roller to role the gum past into thin sheets and cut circles with a cookie cutter.  With the fondant roller I rolled the edges untill they curled. I used a candy stick and rolled the center onto the stick.  Then I added petals.  I used a round paint brush that was dampened with water and put several swipes of water against the base of each petal to help it stick to the center.  Then I placed the rose in a holder so it could dry. Gum paste dries fast so I was able to handle the roses quickly.
Making the leaves I used green food coloring to color the gum paste.  Then I rolled it thin and cut it out with a round cookie cutter.  I then cut the leave shape out by cutting the circle again to the left of center with the round cutter.  It makes a leaf shape.  I rolled the edges with the fondant roller.  I folded the leave in half and pressed the lower half of the leaf together to make the "vein".  I laid it in a flower cup holder to dry.  After it dried I brushed the leaf with a damp brush to shine it up.

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