Sunday, October 10, 2010

California, Mom, Moles, and Cooking Up A Storm

I came out to California to help my mom after she had her eye surgery.  She is having cataracs removed and new lenses put in. My dad thinks he can help her and he probably can, but she needed a woman's touch, especially mine.  So nice to feel needed. We have had a great time together.  We just hung out the first day and I took it easy.  It was nice to have a break from the daily grind at home.  Mom had to have pre-op preparations like eye drops and cleaning her eyes with special solutions.  

Mom did well during the surgery.  I drove her up to her appointment in Arroyo Grande and got her settled in.  Dad came along and and when mom went in for her surgery I took dad to a nice little breakfast place. He didn't order anything but I did and he ended up eating half of my blueberry muffin.  We had a nice visit.  I haven't had the chance to just sit with dad and talk.  He is always off doing something.....hummmmm.....I think I inherited that trait.

The day following her surgery we did errands in town and went to the mall.  I asked her where she would like to go for lunch and she asked for "Red Robin" next to the shopping mall.  They have great shakes and onion rings there and she loves both.  She isn't feeling any pain.  Just a slight headache. After lunch we went shopping at Maceys and found a great sale.  Up to 80 per cent off and a bunch of stuff.  She found a pair of jeans and found two pair of jeans and four tops for around $90.  Since I don't get much of a chance to shop in Alamosa I bought!!!

Since I have been here I have had the chance to cook and taste test some of the recipes for my cookbook.  I am also doing extra so that I can put stuff in the freezer.  Mom and dad can pull something out after I leave and just heat it up.  That way mom doesn't have to worry about cooking until both eyes are feeling good in about a month.  I've made Savory Egg Pastry Puffs, Four Cheese Vegetarian Lasagna, Almond Coffee Cake, Gingerbread Cupcakes, and Poached Pears in Port Wine Sauce. All the recipes are in the recipe section of this blog.
California weather is beautiful right now.  It rained for a day or so in the beginning but is beautiful now so I've been walking for about an hour every day.  My shins are sore because they have lots of hills and valleys to go up and down.  Good for walking.  I'm sure when I get back home it will be freezing cold, the flowers will be dead, and the leaves all gone off the trees.

I went outside to see the yard and it's like taking your life in your hands.  They have a million moles digging tunnels everywhere in their yard.  I kept sinking into holes both in the orchard and in the lawn. Unbelievable!  What do you do to get rid of those things.  Dad says he sticks a hose into the hole and hopes to drown 'em.  Don't think that is working dad.  He doesn't use poison and he only has so many traps.  I think they are ganging up on him.  I fully expect to come and visit and just see the roof of the house sticking out of the ground because of a huge sink hole created by the tunneling moles.  It will be occupied by those nasty moles and mom and dad will be tied up in the closet somewhere with the hose turned on.

As long as I am here I want my mom to relax, enjoy home cooked meals she doesn't have to make, and not sink into any holes.  So just relax mom.   I think I have it all covered!

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