Monday, March 14, 2011

Buena Vista Colorado Adventure

Africa Safari Room, the largest room sleeps six.
Don and I like to go to Bed and Breakfast places every now and then just to get away and take a break.  We like them because they are comparable to a hotel with much more personal service.  A home made breakfast beats those packaged and pre-mades in other hotels.  These B & B's are usually quieter too.  The decor is fun in most of them.  The ones we usually go to are remodeled older homes like Victorian style or the newer ones sport the latest in fashionable design.  This one however was very unique. 

The owner, Mark, told us it took him about 6 years to find something he could afford.  Then he had major work to do to get it presentable.  With the amount of work he did I am sure this home is in far better shape than it once was.  The home was only 14 years old but was really beat up by previous owners.

This place is located on the west side of Buena Vista right across the street from the golf course.  You can see the 8th hole from the front porch.  Other homes around it are of similar design, very Colorado looking.

But what surprised us was the decor when we got inside.  The larger bedroom is done in Africa Safari.  Very interesting indeed.  The linens on the bed needed to be updated because of wear. The beds were hard.  The furniture was from the 80s, overstuffed couches and dining chairs.  It was a very casual atmosphere to say the least. It was clean and the towels were nice.  The bathroom has a "jet" bathtub and separate shower with lots of counter space and two sinks. Tile flooring was used in the bath so your feet get cold.  The rest of the  place was carpeted except for the kitchen and dining area.

View from upstairs railing over the breakfast area.

Breakfast area.
Mark is friendly and accommodating.  He did sit down with us at meal times.  If there were more people then he sat off to the side and chatted.  He had some good breakfast dishes like his quiche.  But the food is sparing.  If you have a big appetite for breakfast then don't plan on getting full here.  He doesn't put out evening snacks either like many places do.  But for a place run by a single guy who does everything it isn't to bad.  The price is good too.
Marks living room that doubles as a guest area.

View of front porch towards mountains.

Buffalo Peaks Bed and Breakfast.

Other "guests" right outside dining area.

Up the road road about four miles is the Cotton Wood Hot Springs and Spa.  We went there Saturday evening and soaked.  At $15.00 per person, plan on spending some time.  You can schedule a massage for $65.00/hour and up.  There are cabins there to if you prefer to stay there though we didn't go in to see what they looked like.

Since there is a golf course across the street and you are a golfer, take your clubs.  I think it is a public course so shouldn't be hard to get on.

The restaurants in Buena Vista are okay.  We went to a new one called Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery.  We had great food there.  I had the humus and pita chips.  Outstanding!  They brew great root beer too.

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