Monday, March 28, 2011

T-rex Express A Total Success!

When I came home from the T-rex Express I was totally exhausted.  But it was a good kind of exhaustion.  The event was totally successful.  Both train runs were completely sold out. 

For $15.00 per ticket each passenger received a kit with a dinosaur cookie, water bottle, program, entry form, pencil, (kids got a bucket, shovel, and brush as well) along with our school brochure.  There was a complete program from start to finish.  There were two dome cars, the one people like the best because of the nice seats and view.  On the first car Ranger Patrick gave a presentation of fossils found in and around the valley with some extra fossils from other places.  In the second car Jim Moon, song writer/musician performed his songs written especially for the T-rex Express.  With Jim  was "Rexie", our T-rex Express Mascot.  After fifteen minutes the presenters switched cars and gave their programs to the other coach until the train arrived south of town at a simulated dig site set up by Eric VanIwaarden and Don Kanen.
Boarding the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad.

Passengers exited the train and
 went to the section assigned to them and the kids dug for real Mammoth bones.  They were so excited when they found one and brought it up the the canvas with a baby Colombian Mammoth drawn out.  Ranger Patrick then explained the bones found and placed them where they should go on the Mammoth.  Then the smaller kids were directed to a special dig where they could find dinosaur egg toys and plastic dinosaur toys.

Back on the train and heading for the station there was a drawing that provided prizes like a book on dinosaurs, a T-Rex Express T-shirt, and a "dig kit" of Mammoth, Stegosaurus, and T-rex.  Ranger Patrick took around a "living fissile" a giant salamander for everyone to pet. Passengers could also purchase these items in the gift shop at the train depot.  

"Rexie" greeting little passengers.

Kayleith and Patty distributing buckets and bags.

 While waiting to board the train passengers took advantage of the T-rex balloons made by Casey Martinez and friends.  They could also have their picture taken with Rexie next to the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad.

When getting off the train I asked them how they liked the trip.  They all said it was fantastic and worth the ticket price.  This event would not have been a success if it weren't for the hard work of volunteers and donations from the San Luis Valley businesses and sponsors.  Because of their generosity we were able to provide tickets for all the PALS kids and provide them with T-rex Express T-shirts too.    Thank you to all who helped and to those who came and rode the train.  This was a total success!!

Ranger Patrick and son presenting fossils to passengers.

Tim Pellandini and Josh Kanen, Section Leaders at the Dig.

Digging at the dig site.


Myrna, Casey, and Jessey making T-rex balloons.
Jim Moon singing the T-rex song.

Chris and Myrna, Alamosa Welcome Center
workers with "Rexie".

Santana, Skyleigh, Deja, EllaGrace, and Calista enjoying the ride.

Getting off the train at the dig site.

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