Friday, September 21, 2012

Sara's Baby Shower Cupcakes

I really had fun doing these cupcakes.  They are a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate pudding for filling and Butter cream Icing. I made my own fondant and colored them with food coloring gel.  I made them pastel colors and used blue and pink because Sara doesn't know what she is having and isn't going to find out.  They apparently want to be surprised.  

I looked online for images of cupcake toppers and found a number of ideas.  This is how they turned out.  I did them the night before so they could get well dried.  I think that next time I will mix half and half gum paste and fondant.  I think they will dry faster and not wither when placed on something moist.  These held up really well, but we have such changes in weather that doing a mix may work better.
I also tried the "Swirl" with two colors this time using pink icing and blue icing.  It work well.  I also practiced making "rose" icing swirls and those were a bit harder to do.  Need to practice that one more.

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