Friday, March 6, 2015

Abby's 7th Birthday - Ninja Turtle Cake

Okay, okay....this is a cake for my Granddaughter, Abby.  She is unconventional.  She is in Martial Arts and loves Ninga Turtles, however, she likes being a girl so when she told me she wanted a Ninja cake or short notice I did the best I could to make a Ninja cake feminine.

Again, a trip to Walmart produced the Ninja toy atop the cake.  It came out really cute and, of course, she just loves it!

The cake is a chocolate cake (cheated with Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Fudge) with chocolate frosting (homemade) and filling - a chocolate lovers dream.  Don knows it's in the fridge and I think there could be a chunk carved out of the back.  An empty glass of milk with cake crumbs hanging on the rim by the sink is slightly suspicious.

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