Friday, March 6, 2015

Cate Bug's 5th Birthday - Princess in Pink Cake

My Cate Bug loves, loves, loves pink, princesses, and twirling.  She's in ballet and loves it, of course!

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted a princess.  Her family went to Disney World and celebrated both her and her sister Abby's birthday.  So princesses were fresh in her mind.

I took her to the store and told her I wanted a princess that was a girl like her, not an adult, because she was only five.  She agreed and picked out this doll.  She does look a lot like Cate.

I didn't use fondant on this cake, just butter cream frosting.  It is the Old Fashion Butter Cake with chocolate filling.  I put that recipe in Davy's 6th Birthday post.  Making this cake was much faster than using fondant.  I can do more things with fondant but I enjoyed doing this cake.  She loves it!

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