Thursday, October 8, 2015

Corn Cob Cake Design

A friend of mine called me yesterday and asked if I could make a last minute cake for his wife's birthday this Friday.  I usually like at least a weeks notice.  I like to put the cake in the freezer for a day or so before decorating. This makes it easier to work with when covering with fondant. Also if I have to do some carving it is so much easier than trying to work on a crumbly cake. I told him I would give it a try.  He said he wanted a corn on the cob on top because his wife collects Shawnee corn dishes. I had all the ingredients and I forged ahead and this is what eventually emerged.

I made the chocolate cake that I did for my son's wedding and used a raspberry rhubarb jam for the filling.  I made the homemade marshmallow fondant recipe that I usually use when making cakes that I know have to travel some distance. It was an 8" round double layer cake. 

I didn't have a plan in mind I just started with the corn cob.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I make these daisies a lot so it didn't take long to get them done.  I used petal dust to give them character. I also have a leaf form cutter which makes it super quick.  

I will tell you that if I keep making cakes I need to invest in a sheeter for rolling out fondant.  I'm getting to old to roll this stuff out by hand, but I am sure it gives my arms a good work out.

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