Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Water Color - Getting Into Art Again

This is the view of the pond from our deck in the back yard.  Those are the San Juan mountains.  The day was blustery and had been raining earlier. The pond is home to several different water foul including red headed ducks, coots, ruddy ducks, and mallards.  In the reeds the yellow headed black birds and boat tailed grackles cackle at each other.  When I open my window in the early morning there is so much noise that I have to close it again if I want any sleep.  Blonde the fox and her sister like to look for bird eggs around the pond.  We also had beaver once but they have since been relocated.
I haven't painted for years.  I used to teach painting at Pioneer Valley Academy and Campion Academy and  to people in town that wanted to learn how to draw and paint.  But I never got into water color because, frankly it scared me.  Water painting is different than oils or even acrylics.  I like being able to move color around and work from dark to light.  Water painting is the opposite.  I have to work from light to dark and it is not easy to move around or correct mistakes.  But I like the fact that water color is cheap, easy to clean up, and doesn't take up tons of room to store.  It is easy to take in the car and paint on location without much fuss.  So, maybe, I have found my new medium and my art again.

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  1. Sue, I was never much into watercolor myself, as I found it restrictive--I like piling the paint us for texture, etc. I like acrylics for portability, quick drying, easy cleanup. You can water them down for watercolor effect or pile them up for texture. Have fun! I need to get back into it again myself! Louise