Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Cake with Butter Cream Frosting

This is a cake I made for my great niece's birthday party tonight.  It was her first birthday on April 2 and she has had about 6 parties.  She is going to think this is a way of life. When Denice and Greg moved her Denice was sad that she was going to miss the first birthday so when Lindsey and baby Emery came to visit we just had to have a party.  Fun! is a good recipe to try but adjust it to high altitude by reducing, increasing flour and liquid, and reducing leavenings. The site to go to for adustments is

I was testing recipes at high altitudes.  This was a white cake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting.  I brushed some amaretto on the layers before putting it together to help give it flavor and keep it moist, but it was too much and was still a bit dry in places.  That is a challenge at high altitudes, finding a cake that is moist.  Well, it was fun decorating it.  I found the recipe on line from New Mexico.  I will try it again and if it turns out better I will post the recipe.

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