Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chocolate Truffles

These were fairly easy to make.  They were time consuming only because they have to be chilled between each step.  I made three flavors.  Kalua, Creme de Minth, and Rasberry.  The coatings are chopped pecans with the Kalua, Andes baking chips with the Creme de Minth, and powdered sugar with the Rasberry. I used Bavarian Chocolate that comes in squares and chopped it down to melting size.
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I took these to a Christmas Party and they received rave reviews.  These are rich and decadent.  It's easy to flavor them too with all the flavorings and liquers available.  I used coatings that would allow for handling without getting melting chocolate all over the hands.  Plus the coatings fancy up the truffles and they look pretty in a nice tin.  I bought these tins for $2.00 at Walmart. They work perfect for a batch of truffles. The little candy papers I also found there in the cake decorating aisle.

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