Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Trees And The Princess

My daughter got the brilliant idea to dress Abby as a princess.   Sheis beautiful and adores being a princess.  She looked into the mirror and say, "Pretty!" Abby is a pretty princess!"  Of course my grandson doesn't want to have anything to do with princeses or princesses.  So when Abby told him he was the prince he retorted, "NO, I'M NOT!  I fly airplanes!"  So he is the pilot. Maybe he is the royal pilot.  In any case Abby accepted that and off they went to play trains.
Callie also saw on the "Pioneer Woman" website this cute dessert.  It's strawberries on top of mini brownies covered in chocolate glaze.  The trees are covered in buttercream frosting and decorated like Christmas trees.  There are also Santa Hats.  Very cute.  She wanted to put them on a plate that we were returning to the next door neighbor. She decided she didn't like the glaze because it is too soft.  We are doing another batch tomorrow with a harder glaze.  They look very pretty and dress up nice for gifts.

As you can see Princess Abby was very pleased with her "Christmas Tree". She ate it in like two seconds! Can you tell she stuffed it in her mouth? LOL!!!

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