Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ballerina Cake for Cate

Cate didn't wait for me to ask her what she wanted for her birthday cake.  It had to be a ballerina cake.  She is in ballet and loves it.  

I made the ballet shoes and put wires in them so they stick into the cake.  Click on the link for a tutorial on making shoes. I added my own embellishments like flowers and pearls.

I used tulle for decorating the edge of the cake board and placed my cake on another board and glued it on top with butter cream frosting so it wouldn't slip.

for behind the shoes I put some fondant roses and butter cream leaves.  This helped hide the souls of the shoes. I also placed a little ballerina on top of the roses for her toy gift.

This is a surprise cake.  I cut a hole in the center and poured candy inside.  I used pink and pastel M&Ms.  When you cut the cake open the candy pours out.  This kids loved it.

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