Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Bug Cake for Davy

Three of my grandchildren have their birthdays in the first week of march.  This year instead of making one cake for all of them I made three different cakes.  Davy asked for a bug cake.  This is a surprise cake with candy and toy bugs inside that fall out when you cut the cake open.

I used Crispx cereal and crunched it up. I used this to make the "dirt" for the ant hill. 

Because this is a surprise cake I cut a hole in the center of each layer and set aside the circles.  I used a large biscuit cutter. I placed butter cream between each layer but I didn't coat the inside   
of the circle because the candy will stick to the walls and not fall out nicely when the cake is sliced. 

When I filled the center I used about one of the cutouts to plug the hole and then crumb coated the whole cake and chilled it for 30 minutes before covering with fondant and decorating.

I made the fat ants and the log from fondant.  With the remainder of the cake holes I formed a "hill" on top and covered it with butter cream and sprinkled with the "dirt".
 The grand kids love the "toys" on the cake and it was pretty easy to find plastic bugs at Wal Mart.

He loved his cake.  It turned out pretty cool!

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