Friday, May 14, 2010

My Baby Graduates

I can't believe my baby has graduated from college.  It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital....a total surprise as we were told we were going to have another girl.  We love girls and we were super delighted to have our boy.  He has grown into a fine man and we are really proud of him.  He graduated last Sunday with a Bachelor of Sciende degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing. It was really really windy that day but it didn't blow away our spirits. 
I had a party for him the week before graduation and made him a cake.  Made the fondant and decorated it with ivy even though he didn't graduate from an Ivy League school. It turned out great and tasted really good.

Now he is off to camp to be a parent liason for the summer.  He loves camp and kids. Then in the fall he may take one class locally and then off to get his Masters in Business Administration in Southern California. 
Time goes by so quickly.  I really miss him.  He spent several weeks here before graduation and it was nice to have him around again.  He has matured a lot. Kind of surprising as he has always been a a kidder and loves to yuck it up.  I just wanted to let everyone know I am proud of my boy!

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