Friday, June 18, 2010

Kiddy Updates

How is it that we can look at this behind and say it's adorable?  I mean look at those pants!  They're huge.  When I wear underwear like that I get the "I can't believe you would wear that!" from my daughters and husband.  But when she does it we go on and on about how adorable she is and what a cute fanny she has.  And just look at those legs!  Excuse me people, but this is called "fat legs"!  But oh how we love to pinch them and squeeze them and goo and drool over how absolutely sweet they are.  And soft too!  Okay they are cute and adorable and precious and soft.  I goo and drool over them as much as anybody if not more.  But I don't think I will get the same reaction when I put on my bathing suit this summer.  In fact, I think I could clear the beach or pool in 6.25 seconds of taking off my towel.   I hate wearing bathing suits!  Not because I am a naturalist, but because I look freakin' freaky!  So the best thing to do is carry my granddaughter around and let people play with her baby fat legs and pat her cute bottom and hopefully they won't even notice me. 

I have to say that Callie is very creative with the hairstyles she does on Abby.  I wouldn't think a kid would sit still for this intricate braid but Abby does.  Well, Callie has to put on a Beranstien Bears video and while Abby watches it Callie can get this done.  Very creative, don't you think? When we take Abby out to church or to the store or park we always get compliments on how beautiful she is and "who does her hair? It is gorgeous!"
From the beginning of parenthood Callie swore she would never put on one of those head bands that is more like a tourniquet than anything on her babies head. When the top of your kids head is turning purple it is time to opt for life instead of a fashion statement. However, when we went to the Summer Festival at Cole Park one of the vendors had these wide style headbands.  Callie decided it was more like a hat than a tourniquet so she bought one.  Since Cate is pretty much bald putting a wide yellow band and a huge silk rose on her head seems to make up for the lack of hair.  Besides, she is really cute in it.
What can I say.  This cheesy grin says it all.  Hey, it is the beginning of summer and if I can get my grandkids to pick dandlions and get them out of my yard then more power to them.  Besides, don't they look adorable?
Davey on the other hand was having none of it. "I ain't puttin' that smelly thing on my head!  It makes me sneeze!"

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  1. :) good blog. I did a lot of smiling. Sounds like a really wonderful summer.