Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Riding the Potato Valley Express Train

On Memorial Day 2010 we went for a train ride on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad.  We just did a short trip to Monte Vista called the Potato Valley Express.  Well, what actually happened is that I took Abby and Sebby to ride the train.  I had looked on line at their train schedule and I read that Memoral Day Weekend the train was opening for passengers.  They carry freight all year long, but the tourist season opens on this weekend.  I know the people there and have worked with them on the Gingerbread Express at Christmas time.  So they knew how to get in touch with me.  When we arrived  they told me that particular run wasn't going until Friday. We were very disappointed and decided to go get Callie and Casey, Davy, and Cate and head to the Alligator Farm.

About 3 miles north of town I got a call from the railroad and the ticket agent said they would take us if we still wanted to go.  They would put a passenger car on for us. So we did a quick U turn and made it in time to ride.  We were the only passengers and Jody, our conductor gave us special attention. 

The route is called The Potato Valley Express.  What they do is haul freight and they put a passenger train on right behind the engine. Then they drop freight off at the Co-op or other places along the line,  They may pick up freight too.  Many of the freight cars contain potatos or grain.  Thus the name of the route.

Waving good-bye to our railroad friends.

Grammy, Sebby, and Abby had our choice of any seat in the car.
                                                                                    Visiting with Jody at the park in Monte Vista.
Jody let the kids watch for crossings and radio the engineer that all was clear.  They had to do that because after dropping freight off at the Co-op the train "backed" in to Monte Vista.

Loading back up after getting some lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Monte Vista.

When we got back to the station Jody took Sebby for a tour of the engine and to meet the engineer.  They let Sebby sit in the drivers seat and blow the horn and bells.  Sebby was thrilled!At the end of the tour Jody gave a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head to each of the kids.  It was a really fun day and I am glad that we got the chance to do it.  The day was beautiful - it was a perfect day for a train ride!

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