Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Final Update on Don (for now anyway)

Just got back from the Doctors in Denver.  We saw the surgeon and the infectious diseases Docs. They both took him off all medications and gave him a "good to go" thumbs up.  The surgeon said that he should recover fully with no affects.  He should be as good as new.

Don went off the antibiotic last night.  He was so nauseated and he looked terrible and said he just couldn't do it anymore.  I just flushed the lines in his PICC and said okay. Today he looks great and we even stopped at PF Chang's where we met Josh who came in from NOSOCA Pines Ranch where he worked for the summer.  Don ate a good meal and felt better and better as we got closer to home.  Thank God for his wonderful watch care over him!!!

He gets his PICC line out tomorrow when the Home Health Nurse comes to sign him off. He has to take it easy.  The doctor said no heavy lifting and straining, but he can ride his bike and begin his stretches to get ready for the bigger stuff to come to get him back in shape.  He also talked about diet and how Don can maintain his weight now.  He has lost 60 pounds.  He looks good, but his clothes are super baggy. Guess we need to go shopping.  Now that sounds fun!

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