Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yet Another Update

Many of you have wondered how Don has been doing since we came back from the hospital.  He is doing okay.  His incision is oozing still and I am a bit concerned about it but the Doc says it is normal.  How normal can that be three weeks after surgery?  So I change the dressing everyday, sometimes two or three times.

I worry that he is pushing himself too much.  He is riding his bike to the office again and around town.  He feels like his muscles have retreated into some unknown and has gone out to find them.  It does wear him out if he does too much and he will come home to rest for several hours before going out again. 

So far Don has lost around 60 pounds.  He looks really good, but again, not an ideal way to lose weight. 

We also have a home health nurse come in twice a day to administer the antibiotic IV that the doctor has extend him on until next Saturday.  This stuff makes him nauseated.  He has lost all sense of taste and only eats oatmeal.  Well he will force other food if he has too but that makes him sick to his stomach.  I hope he can get off these antibiotics soon.

We are going to see the doctors next week and see what they say.  I will post another update then.

As for me, I feel brain dead.  Putting everything on hold for over a month and only thinking about what I can do for Don has but me in some kind of "lala land".  I need to exercise my brain and get back into being useful again.

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