Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I Buy Insurance!

I heard my daughter yell from the bathroom...."THAT'S WHY I BUY INSURANCE!"  I answered back, "What do you mean?" 

My daughter and her husband are moving to Montana where they are planning to have him attend school to get his Physical Therapy Degree.  Callie and the girls are staying with us during the summer until Andy can get a place for them and secure a job.  So they packed all their stuff into a U-haul and put a "dollie" on the back of the truck to pull their car.  Don flew back to "help" Andy drive out.

Callie has been working hard for the last five years to pay off their car and they have one payment left. She is very proud of the fact and was telling me so on the way home from the airport.

When I picked Callie and the girls up in Albuquerque yesterday she explained that she ordered insurance to cover the car and truck and contents.  "I did this because I saw a motor home on the side of the road on its side and they were pulling a car that was ON FIRE! It freaked me out and I told the U-haul guy to load me up with insurance because my husband and father will be driving it to Alamosa." 

Change scene to bathroom.  I hear my daughter dial her husband and ask how things were going. Andy: "Well, didn't you get my text message?  There was a little fire, but it is under control." 

Callie after hanging up with Andy: "Don't these men know that they are supposed to put it in neutral and let it engage before driving off!  All they think about is getting in the car and driving like Jehu to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and donuts to eat on the way and then drive non-stop to Colorado!! It's like they are thinking, 'Coffee, donuts, drive fast, coffee, donuts, drive fast!' "

Her animation with her tonuge hanging out and eyes buldging demonstrated how they would look. Then she yield, "MOM!!!! THIS IS WHY I GOT INSURANCE!! CAR ON FIRE!"

Funny how my daughter knows her men. 

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