Friday, December 18, 2009

The Gingerbread Express

One of the most fun things I was privileged to be involved in this Christmas was the Gingerbread Express. It was a fundraiser for Sunshine Christian School that involved taking a ride on The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, picking up the Gingerbread Man and returning to the station where upon disembarking the Gingerbread Man lead those that took the ride to the Gingerbread Forest. There you could see the Gingerbread house and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies while Jim Moon, a musician and pastor, sang the Gingerbread Man song that he wrote for the occasion.

The Gingerbread Forest was set up in a large warehouse that used to be a repair shop for trains. The forest was lined with trees that were covered in lights and candy canes and lolly pops decorated the walkway. The Gingerbread Man danced around the forest to places where one could have their picture taken. There were gift bags given to each of the kids that rode the train that contained candy and a Gingerbread Man craft pin. "Snow" lined the walk way and snow flakes hung from the ceiling. Christmas music played in the background. There was even a Gingerbread House contest that people could vote for their favorite one. It was truly magical.

My grandson, Sebby, was so excited. He loves trains. "I have to get my hat and glubs Gramma." It was cold out there, but he had so much fun. And when the Gingerbread Man gave him a big hug he was thrilled. He would just stare at him in awe. Later in the forest he saw the Gingerbread Man again and said, "Gramma, that is MY Gingerbread Man."

Since I was on the planning committee I took pictures as well. When the train left the station I drove to the crossing and got out to take pictures. Sebby was on the train with Mommy. He looked out the window and said, "Hey, wait a minute! That's Gramma!" At least he recognized me.

I can hardly wait to do this again next year.

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