Friday, December 25, 2009

Gumball Machine

Sebby is in the middle of potty training.  He can do it, he is just lazy.  He would rather poop or pee and walk around with it for awhile.  I don't really know what the attachment to this is, but it is something.  I have tried everything and so has Casey.  Finally for Christmas today Sebby got a Gumball Machine from his mommy. He gets to put a penny in and get a gumball when he does his business in the potty.

After awhile he says to me, "I'm poopy gamma!" 

"Oh, that is too bad."  I responded.  I was about to tell him about his gumball machine when the light came on.  "Ohhh!  I need to poopy in the potty so I can get gum.  Where is my gum machine?"  We went and retrieved the machine from under the tree, opened it up and set it on the counter.  He ran into the bathroom and hopped on the potty.  After much grunting, red eyes, and groaning out came a raisn size piece.  "I did it!! I need a penny to get my gum!" 

Well most of it was in the diaper but he did remember and he did get some in the right place.  So we went to get a penny and he got his reward.  About two hours later, there he was again working hard.  I asked how he was doing.  He pointed to the door, "Go out!"  Well, I guess this has become a private thing which is just fine with me.  Oh, yes....he did get another gumball.

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