Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Kanen Luck

The Kanen luck has never been good. Don paid this guys insurance for him.  He works on some of Don's projects.  The guy was supposed to pay him back. He never did.

About three months ago our house was broken into while we were in California visiting my folks.  We never locked our house except when we were gone. We were gone.  They stole our TV, video machine, IPOD, silver, violin, slippers (it was cold that night), social security cards, passports, birth certificates, and were in the process of getting the computer when they were interrupted by someone and fled.  I'm sure they will come back for it.

Don took the kids swimming the other night.  He left his bag on the table for a few minutes and some kid took it. They got his wallet, cell phone, Columbia ski jacket, all in a nice leather bag.  Don has to fly out to meet his sister to help her move back here and now he can't get on the plane because he doesn't have any photo IDs.

We heard on the news this morning that some guy got passed airport security with explosives.  He tried to blow up a plane and only succeeded in burning himself badly in a very private area.  So I guess you can be an American, pay taxes, go to church, give generously to others, be patriotic and have all your possessions stolen and not be able to get on a plane.  I think Don should change his religion, wear a robe and turbin, grow a beard and strap on a fake suicide belt around his waist. Then he would be able to get on the plane no problem. What do you think?

By the way, we got our check from insurance to cover all the stolen stuff and had to just fork it over to the IRS for taxes basically because the contractor guy never paid us back the money he owed us.  We would have used it for taxes.  We won't be replacing anything for quite awhile. So goes the Kanen luck.

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  1. Damn the Kanen curse... Maybe if we bury a chicken foot next to George, eat vegan for the rest of our lives and make Dad hang a string of raw garlic around his neck every full moon, we can be rid of the luck.