Sunday, December 20, 2009

Man in Training

My husband, Don, loves taking his Sebby out and teaching him how do do things. Yesterday, after church, Casey noticed that her car had a flat tire. Don took us all home and dropped us off. He grabbed what tools he needed and told Sebby, "Come on son. We men have to go fix mommy's flat tire." Without question and feeling very important to be with Grandpa Sebby donned his hat and coat and got into his car seat.

While there Sebby paid careful attention to what Grandpa said and did. I think being a Grandparent is like getting a second chance. We are more patient than we were with our kids. We are wiser and far less selfish. We understand more of what it takes to be a positive influence. I wish we had this knowledge when our kids were little. But like all new parents we had to learn on the job. Our kids turned out great, in spite of our "learning process". And now, we get to enjoy the fun part - Grandkids!

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