Friday, December 18, 2009

I absolutely love being a "Gamma". The first time my Granddaughter said "Gamma" I just melted. Now this is coming from someone who definitely doesn't want to get old. I didn't think that I wanted to be called that old name. But when it finally came....oh my melting heart! There is nothing more precious to me than my grandkids saying "Gamma." And the first time I heard them say, "Gamma, I wuv you", you could have seen my heart glow out of my chest.

I was fortunate to be present while two of my grand-babies were born. The joy and the miracle of birth never ceases to amaze me. When my first grandson was born, though I wasn't able to see the delivery itself, I was standing outside the door and when I heard that first cry I was so overwhelmed that tears just ran down my cheeks. I was overjoyed to have such a beautiful grandson.

My oldest daughter is expecting a girl in March of 2010. I will get to attend that birth also if all goes well. I can hardly wait. I asked my son-in-law how long I could stay because one knows that having a mother-in-law around too long can be, well, not desireable. Bless his big beautiful heart! He said I could stay as long as I wanted. Well, I won't move in but I can stay several weeks to help my daughter get back on her feet and adjusted to the new little one. Having a two year old also will really be a challenge.

All of my grandkids are so beautiful. You'll see them, because I can't get enough of taking pictures of them.

Each new day brings new joys. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

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