Sunday, December 20, 2009

TP Holders

There is this really neat invention that has been around for mega years. It is called a toilet paper roll holder. I think every house has one or several. Even out houses have 'em. It doesn't matter if you put the TP to roll over the top or pull from the bottom. It works either way. That is why I will never understand my family that will use the last bit of TP, get out a new roll, and set it on the counter, floor, back of toilet, edge of tub, or wherever. It will sit there or change places throughout the week until that roll is used up. It is left lying where it was last used and a new roll is set on the counter. How hard is it to remove the cardboard roll and place the new roll on it. The trash can is right under the holder too. If I would let it happen, the bathroom, over time, would end up like one of those ball play areas at McDonalds or Burger King, only in cardboard TP rolls. Maybe we have a new idea brewing here.


  1. Hahahah...I change it when I'm there. Maybe not every time...but I change it.

  2. They make one that has an open end all the time. That's the best because you can take it off and use the toilet paper like we like too, off the roll, then put it back on for those that like it on. I really like ours...