Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulitis Part 12 - Post Surgery

Don is out of surgery is in recovery. The doctor said that he is a tough guy and the surgery went well. It took twice as long as the doctor expected, but he was able to get everything cleaned out. Don needed abcesses cleaned out, small intestine re-section, and two places in the large intestine repaired. He had twisted bowels that held sick tissue in place and pockets that would have never healed. The doctor said if the surgery wasn't done now, Don would have never gotten better. It had to be done. He has no tube drains or colostomy. That is what we prayed for.

Don has an NG tube for a few days and will be using his PICC line for TPNutrition. If he is able, by Monday, he will start clear liquids. He is expected to be here until next Friday at the earliest depending on how he recovers. They will be keeping a very close eye one him to make sure his progress is as it should be.

Again I want to thank all of your for your encouragement, prayers, and waiting with me, though not here, but at your homes while Don was in surgery. You are awesome friends and family. God bless you all.

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