Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dealing with Diverticulitis Part 4 - Dons' Update

Today, July 7, Don is going home.  His PICC line was just removed.  The nurse gave me an in-service on how to flush Don's two drains at home.  These are two little bulbs connected to tubing that has been inserted in the abcess sites and drains out bad fluids.  One drain  that was put in the "coconut" is draining very little and the "lemon" is still draining about 25 ccs a day.  I will have to drain these once a day or as needed. 

Don is now on soft solids (bland) for nutrition.  He is so happy to be eating but has to be careful.  He can have high fiber and probiotics that will help keep the colon moving normally with the right type of bacterias. 

We come back to Swedish Medical Center next Thursday for another CT can and the removal of the drains.  We are setting up an appointment with the surgeon for the re-section and will let you know when and where that will be.  For now Don is looking well and very happy to be going home.  He is up packing!!! LOL. 

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