Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulitis - Part 17, Day 6 of Recovery

This is Don's 6th day of recovery after major abdominal surgery on July 22. I left on Monday to go back to Alamosa and get some things done and make sure everything was going well.  Callie and Casey have everything well in hand.  I spend Tuesday at home with the grandkids.  They are really filling and fun to be with.  I returned today and arrived around 4 pm. 

I brought up a CD Walkman and some praise music CDs for Don to listen too as well as some Audio Books.  He is really enjoying the Walkman.  It's light and easy to use and the ear phones fit around the ears so they don't fall off like the small ear-phones so easily do.  I also brought the papers for the last week and the mail.  Don's sister, Denice, gave him 3 packs of nice notes that a "guy" would send out.  They are really cool.

I was really surprised when I got back.  Don is eating jello and clear liquids.  His bowels are starting to wake up.  They also took the staples out of his eight inch incision.  It looks pretty good.  I call it the "railroad track" on grandpa's tummy for Sebby.  He loves trains and thinks it is cool that grandpa has his own "tracks".

Shortly after I arrived Don decided to get his walk in so we did two laps around the seventh floor.  He is looking pretty good and the physical therapy orders have been cancelled because he is doing well.  We also saw the "infectious Diseases" Doc on our walk.  I brough a new button up shirt for Don. (Stevo, it is Hawaiian style.) I also bought him some light weight "sports" shorts.  He put them on before the walk because he absolutely hates the hospital gown....who doesn't?!  So the Doc commented on how spiffy Don looked.

He still has his epidural in and his cathater.  The Doctors said he wouldn't be going home by Friday like he had hoped and I think this news made him "blue".  He is glad I am back.  When I came in, mind you it was 4pm, there were two days worth of dirty towels in the bathroom and dirty sheets.  I cleaned everything up, went to the linen cupboard in the hall, got sheets and made his bed.  I also got clean blankets and pillowcases.  He feels 100 per cent better.  He told me he had to shower by himself.  That is a daunting task.  So I am glad I am back to help him get all that stuff done in the morning.  I guess the staff get really busy, but really? Two days? Sheeze!!!

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  1. Mom, shower ny himself with an epidural in? Come on. I'm surprised he did it. I would have smelled the place up...