Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dealing with Diverticulitis Part 3

Don is doing so much better today (July 6).  His color is good and he has energy to get in and out of bed on his own and even go to the bathroom by himself now.  He is still hooked up to four bags and three delivery systems on his IV pole. It looks like a freakin' cell phone tower.  His humor is good too.

One of the doctors on duty came by and said that Don could start more solid food.  He can have oatmeal.  He is so excited to be able to eat real food.  He lays in bed ticking off all the foods that sound good to him like salmon on a bed of rice with grilled asparagus, strawberries, and apples.  The doctor also said that he would try to get him on oral antibiotics soon.  What all of this means is that if Don keeps improving he will be off the cell tower and the PICC line and drains can some out.  He said that possibly Don could go home tomorrow but he wants to make sure that Don can tolerate food and that everything is functioning normally. 

After two or three weeks we will be back for the re-section surgery.  Hopefully Don will recover well from that and won't have any other problems after that and life will get back to normal, whatever that is.


  1. Hi Sue -- I found your blog via facebook and am so thankful for the updates. Let me know if I can do anything for you guys -- I'm praying like crazy! Amy Tanabe

  2. Hi Sis...great update. Glad he's feeling better. We dropped a card in the mail today. Michele and he have so much in common...damn outsiders club! :-) Seriously, thanks for keeping us posted. Love to you all.

  3. That is unbelievably good news!!!!! I hope he isn't disappointed with the hospital "oatmeal." lol! I still remember the last time I had it...it was 1996!