Friday, July 16, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulitis Part 7 - Don's Update

We went back to Swedish Medical Center on Thursday and they did another CT scan.  Everything looks really good.  They removed the two drains that were placed over a week ago to drain the abcesses that had developed because of the "micro-holes" that developed after his laproscope.  He is so glad to be rid of his "antennae".

We will be going back next Wednesday to meet with the surgeon to discuss the re-section surgery.  I will be so glad and so will Don when this is over and he is back to normal.

I never realized how many people suffer from diverticulitis.  It is fairly common and most of the time treatable.  Some people have just learned how to eat and others have surgery.  Others, if not caught in time, don't make it.  But most of the time they do.  What would have killed Don is the abcessing which, if not caught in time, would have ruptured and spread through out his system poisoning him.  We are grateful that people prayed hard and were so supportive.

I think the biggest challenge from here on is to make sure that our diet life-style changes.  We have been wanting to do that anyway.  So I am looking for healthy recipes with lots of fiber.  I will probably post some on this blog. 

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