Monday, July 19, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulitis Part 9 - Now What? Don Update

Okay.  So here we are again.  The Dr. just left and this is what we know so far.  Don is now on a new regimen of medications.  Amikin 1200 mg.  This causes "bacteria death" systematic infections of GI etc.  Tygocil 110 ng.  Tigleycline ( a broad spectrum anti-infection) This is for complicated intraabdominal infections.  And finally, Diflucan.  An antifungal, systematic for serious fungal infections.

These medications are intended to get him well enough to do bowel preparations for the re-section surgery.  So he may be in here for a week or so.  His drain is full of ugly junky stuff that smells nasty.  That is what they want to get cleared up.  His colon and intestines are so sick that they are having a difficult time healing and are "soft and mushy". 

He is feeling much better today and took a shower while singing.  Not sure the other patients appreciate the music.  He was singing the theme song to "Flipper".  He may take me on a date to the cafeteria at noon. They have put him back on a bland diet because his "pipes" are working properly. Yummy hospital food!  Actually, they have quite a variety of stuff so we do pretty well there.

Hopefully we will be able to talk to the surgeon today.  Will see what happens.

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