Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulits - Part 14, Second Recovery Day

Don is resting a lot.  He did sit up on the edge of the bed for about 20 minutes before I got here.  It wiped him out though.

Dr. Paul was just here. He is a young and very kind man.  He answers all my questions and is really patient.  He doesn't rush in and rush out. He told us that they have an Infectious Disease Doc working with the vencose resistant strain of strep (VRS).  This is the resistant strain of bug found while doing surgery.  That doctor said he put drugs on Don that are working to get rid of that "bug". 

Because of the weekend we don't have the pathology report back from all the debridement they had to do in Don's gut.  This debridement is the cutting away of all the foul, scarred, and diseased tissue. This causes a tremendous amount of trauma to the organs. 

The "bridge bag" for the TPN was started this morning.  It has been four days since Don has had any kind of nourishment and this "bridge bag" is preparing his system for the TPN treatment.  This will begin his process of getting nourishment back into his system and building up the muscle and tissue in his abdomin.

It is Sabbath and Don wants me to hook up some praise music and also listen to Gary McCary's sermon live from Tierra Santa Church in San Diego.  Thanks Gary for all your encouragement and prayers.  Have a blessed Sabbath everyone.

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