Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dealing with Diverticulitis Part 8 - Back in the Hospital Again

We are back at Swedish Medical Hospital.  Don is just finishing with the Radiology Interventionist to have one of his drains put back in.  Two days ago we were just here getting them taken out,but he never felt quite right after we arrived back home. Don was very lethargic on Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Then by Saturday night he was running a low grade fever.  We went back to the ER and they did another CT scan.  This is the fifth one in a month and they only recommend on one per year.  They couldn't see anything right away but have to send it off to Australia for the Radiologist to read.  They called us an hour later.  He had developed another abcess.  Back to Swedish this morning to get his tube replaced and be observed over night.

Casey is here with the kids.  They encourage Don so much.  Don is back on clear liquids again.  During the procedure they pulled 40 ccs of fluid out.  Sigh.  He is so not happy about the liquid diet, but hey, what do you do?  Will update soon.

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