Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulitis Part 15 - Operative Report

If you are a medical person you may understand this.  This is what the nurse wrote from the report after surgery.

 - abdominal exploration and lysis complex extensive adhesions
 - short segment small bowel resection and anastanosis
 - plication of two areas laceration small bowel, incidental occurance, take down of complex phlegmanas mas md abdomen
 - sigmoid colectomy w/hn prm anastamosis

Okay - I don't understand most of that.  What I do know is that his gut was really sick and twisted!

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  1. Yeah Sue, I read post-op reports all the time and I haven't heard a some of those words either. Some are misspelled and some are maybe abbreviations they made up? Or maybe they copy and pasted the report from somewhere else in the record and made a mistake in the paste part????
    Anyway, Here's how I understand it to the best of my ability based on your account and there "report."
    1. He had abdominal adhesions which are bands of fibrous scar tissue that form on organs in the abdomen, causing the organs to stick to one another or to the wall of the abdomen. This scar tissue most commonly develops after abdominal surgery, in which organs are handled by the surgical team and are shifted temporarily from their normal positions. It can also form in people who develop peritonitis, an infection that has spread to the membrane that covers the abdominal organs. If you are saying his bowels were twisted, maybe these adhesions were the cause of that? Lysis means they cut the adhesions, thus freeing those sections in the abdomen.
    2. I think the sigmoid colectomy and bowel resection both are just different words referring to when they cut out the infected unhealthy part of his bowel. The anastamosis is just a fancy word to say they re-attached the ends of the bowel to make a complete loop again.
    3. It sounds like he had 2 small lacerated openings in his bowel that occurred spontaneously from the infection already present and that they removed the infected areas by "take down." I'm assuming that was the section that was removed in the colectomy?
    Maybe someone else can explain it better. I just took a stab at it.
    I think you already knew what you needed to know and that these were just fancy medical terms to describe the surgery and illness as was already explained to you. He had adhesions causing his bowels not to work correctly(?) and maybe even strangulating them, diverticulosis that progressed to active infection and caused a few small holes in his bowels, and the diseased section was cut out and the bowels re-attached back together.
    Hope he's feeling better!