Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dealing With Diverticulitis - Part 18 - Day 7 of Recovery

Just saw Dr. Kortz, the surgeon that did Don's surgery.  He is very pleased at Don's progress. He said that Don could possible go home Saturday.  He ordered to have the epidural taken out which was just completed.  After his abdomen wakes up fully he will be able to have his catheter removed.  That will be huge as it is difficult to walk with all the tubes and lines. 

Don's pain is minimal and his incision looks great.  He is dressed and sitting in a chair.  The Dr. also wants him to be weaned off the TPN.  Don is eating jello, broth, and popsicles.  YUM!!!!

We went for a "walk" down the hall and back three times.  Don does a "sprint" on his last lap.  He is trying to stay positive.  We are paying bills and that can be depressing....LOL.

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