Saturday, February 20, 2010

Labor Update

There is no labor.  She has totally stopped.  What gives? Obviously not her womb.

We decided to go to chuch today.  I took a bunch of pictures of my Abby girl.  She is so photogenic!  She was such a good girl in Sabbath School.  She sits quietly until the teacher gives her something to do and then she does it exactly right.  All the other kids are out of their chairs, screaming when they have to give their toy back to the teacher so she can go on to the next thing. Then the parents comment on her hair, done in french braids by mommy, and how behaved she is.  Of course!  She is my granddaughter, silly!
I loved her "riding on the horsie" and singing.  I don't know where they got these stick horses but if you squeeze the ear you can hear it clip clopping and neighing.  So cute!

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