Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day and Getting Well

Sebby and Davy have both been sick.  If you have been following my blog you will know what they have had.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  We gave out our cards  and gifts tonight. The boys really enjoyed getting and giving cards.  They are feeling so much better today.  I think they are finally getting well and Valentine's Day is a good day to be well.

I got beautiful flowers from Don.  The boys gave Casey wonderful flowers and cards.  Grandpa took Sebby shopping tonight, just the two of them so he could pick out something special for Mommy.  I like the fact that Don is teaching his boys how to appreciate Mommy and learn the joy of giving to others.

Denice got flowers from Greg.  He sent her flowers in a box. Sebby helped her open the box.  Denice helped Sebby put water in the vase and cut and arrange the flowers. Our house is full of flowers and good smells.

The boys got little gifts from Mommy.  Sebby got a painting set that he will get to use tomorrow and Davy got a little bear with a heart.  He is hugging it in his crib right now. Sebby got a card from Grammy and Grampa that sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".  I can hear him in bed opening and closing it, singing with the song, and showing it to Davy who is laying in a crib next to the bed.  Very cute.

I love days that encourage us to tell each other that we love each other.  Sometimes we take this for granted and it is nice to get hugs, hear the words, and show and get appreciation.  I think this is what God intended every day to be like. I want to be better at this.

Casey is trying to put the boys to bed.  She reads to them and Davy is getting into his book.  All is well with the world tonight.I'm going to send an e card to my little Abby.  I hope she likes it.

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